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Home >> Degree Programs >> MS/MPS in Rural Development >> AB 750

Agribusiness Cooperatives and Entrepreneurship Development


Course Description

Studies on the organization and management of Agribusiness Cooperatives, Entrepreneurial Livelihood, and Integrated Area Development Projects.

Course Category : Elective/Cognate Course

Credit Units : 3 Credit Units

Duration : 1 Semester

Prerequisites : None

Contact Hours : To be arranged

Teaching Method : Online or Distance Mode

Assessment : Assignments, Exercises and Exams


  • Introduction to Cooperatives
  • Factors Affecting the Performance of Cooperatives
  • Constitutional Mandate, State Policy on Legal Bases of Cooperatives
  • Organization and Registration of Cooperatives
  • Membership in Cooperatives
  • Administration in Cooperatives
  • Responsibilities, Rights and Privileges of Cooperatives
  • Insolvency and Dissolution of Cooperatives
  • Cooperative Capital, Property and Funds
  • Audit, Inquiry and Members' Right to Examine
  • Allocation and Distribution of Net Surplus
  • The Cooperative Development Authority

Reading Materials : To be advised

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