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Certificate in Teaching


The Certificate in Teaching Program intends to produce quality graduates who can teach in elementary, secondary and even tertiary levels of education. Specifically, it aims to provide professional training to non-teacher education degree graduates who have decided to pursue a career in teaching.

Purposely, the program intends to develop understanding of the intricacies of the teaching profession, facilitate the acquisition of basic teaching competencies, and instill in them the desirable and positive attitudes and values towards the teaching profession.

Specifically, at the end of the target time, the students should be able to demonstrate: 

  1. in-depth understanding and knowledge on the various concepts of teaching, the nature of learning and its processes, and the nature and holistic development of learners.
  2. decision making and technical skills in formulating, selecting and developing the various components of instructional planning, such as:
    • instructional objectives
    • instructional media
    • learning activities
    • appropriate teaching strategies and techniques
    • authentic assessment (rubric, portfolio, performance)
  3. competencies in applying all the theories and concepts learned in an actual classroom situations, and in processing own views and perspectives regarding effective teaching
  4. creativeness, enthusiasm, and positive attitude towards teaching

Program Structure

  • Course Requirements

    The student has to satisfactorily complete the modules of the program, and has to undergo one month (1) pre-service teaching (practicum).

    The student should be able to finish the Certificate in Teaching Program within the 10-month duration, and/or complete the program within but not exceeding 2 years.
Course No. Course Title Credit
First Semester
EDUC OU 700 Theories of Learning
EDUC OU 701 Child and Adolescent Development
EDUC OU 702 Guidance and Counseling
EDUC OU 703 Foundations of Education

Second Semester

EDUC OU 704 Principles and Methods of Teaching
EDUC OU 705 Assessment of Student Learning

Practice Teaching

EDUC OU 706 Practicum

EDUC OU 700 - Theories of Learning

The course orients students on the nature of learning and its processes, different learning theories, both classical and contemporary, and their instructional applications. It also exposes students to current researches related to learning to help prospective teachers apply the learning theories to diverse types of learners and in various learning situations.

EDUC OU 701 - Child and Adolescent Development

This course introduces education students to the nature and holistic development of the Filipino child and adolescent. It also emphasizes the implication of this knowledge on the teaching-learning process.

EDUC OU 702 - Guidance and Counseling

The course orients the students on the basic foundations of guidance and counseling needed in the classroom. It equips them with the skills in identifying, appraising, and managing developmental needs of learners in the classroom.

EDUC OU 703 - Foundations of Education

This course introduces students to the nature of education and the teaching profession. It provides them with a comprehensive background on the historical, philosophical, and sociological context of education in general and Philippine education in particular. At the end of the course, the students are expected to evolve their own philosophy of education.

EDUC OU 704 - Principles and Methods of Teaching

This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to acquire and apply knowledge about the complexities of the teaching-learning process. They will be exposed to researches about classical, contemporary, and emerging instructional practices with the view of making them informed decision-makers and reflective practitioners.

EDUC OU 705 - Assessment of Student Learning

The course focuses on the development and utilization of assessment tools to improve the teaching-learning process. Emphasis is given on the use of various kinds of tests, including use of rubrics, scales, and portfolio in assessing the different learning outcomes. It is a pre-requisite to the assessment and evaluation course in the different majorship.

EDUC OU 706 - Practicum


This course provides the prospective teachers the necessary professional laboratory situations in order to transmit theory into practice as they develop the desirable teaching competencies and values in their field of specialization. Includes experiences in the selection, preparation, and utilization of appropriate techniques and instructional materials. The course involves observation and participation in identified practicum centers.

In-Service for Teachers

This course exposes the in-service teachers to various experiences for the enhancement of the acquired teaching competencies and values in their field of specialization through reflective and critical readings of professional literature, demonstration of instructional events and strategies; and hands on experiences in the selection, preparation, and utilization of appropriate techniques and instructional materials and evaluation instruments. 

Admission Requirements

Prospective enrollees should be a BS/AB degree graduate and computer literate.

The applicant should submit the following: a) an original Transcript of Records, b) a fully accomplished application form, c) 2 copies of 2" x 2" colored picture, and d) two letters of recommendation from current superior and former professor.

Mode of Instruction

There will be two sessions of a face-to-face interaction set at the beginning and towards the end of the program. Basically, the program is an on-line and modular learning. Using interactive and self-paced modules, the students are tasked to log-in the website of the Open University. Due to this mode, the program promotes personalized, flexible, and convenient learning.

After completing the requirements of the six courses, the Open University together with the concerned laboratory schools will facilitate the arrangements for one-month practicum of the students.

Job Opportunities

Satisfactorily complying all the required units and requirements, the graduates of the program are qualified to take the LET and eventually, teach in the elementary, secondary, and even tertiary schools.

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