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Certificate in Local Government Management


Program Description

The Certificate in Local Government Management (CLGM) course offering of the Open University. CLGM will be coordinated by the Department of Rural Development and Development Communication. These programs will be offered in collaboration with the Departments of Social Sciences (College of Arts and Sciences), Agribusiness Management (College of Agriculture), Accountancy (College of Business Administration and Accountancy), and Environmental Management Institute.


Course Requirements

The course requirements for the Certificate in Local Government Management consist of 18 units of professional courses, 1 unit seminar and 4 units special problem. Students who do not have work experience in a local government unit will take apprenticeship instead of seminar and special problem.

  First Semester Units
LGM 701 Introduction to Local Government Management 3
LGM 703 Project Feasibility Preparation and Implementation 3
LGM 705 Local Legislative Processes 3
  Second Semester Units
LGM 706 Local Development Planning 3
LGM 707 Resource Generation and Utilization 3
LGM 708 Human Capital Development and Mobilization 3
  Summer Units
LGM 797 Apprenticeship 5
LGM 798 Special Problem 4
LGM 799 Seminar 1

Course Descriptions

LGM 701. Introduction to Local Government Management

Historical development of the Philippine local government system; survey of theories, principles and concepts of public administration applicable to local government management; best practices in local governance; and salient provisions of the Local Government Code.

LGM 703. Project Feasibility Preparation and Implementation

Feasibility study preparation, packaging and advocacy; and techniques and strategies in implementing, monitoring and evaluating development projects of LGUs.

LGM 705. Local Legislative Processes

Legislative processes in barangays, municipalities, cities, provinces and autonomous and administrative regions; the conduct of research and baseline information gathering about problems, legislative agenda and proposed legislative initiatives in response to pressing issues and problems that require immediate legislative action; deliberation and passage of ordinances and resolutions; and presentation and comparison of formats of local legislations.

LGM 706. Local Development Planning

Formulation of development plans with the active participation of the local folks, government and private agencies, NGOs and POs; and techniques and strategies in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development plans of LGUs.

LGM 707. Resource Generation and Utilization

Strategies in generating resources for the support of projects that promote the general welfare and local development; networking and collaboration and other outsourcing techniques; and efficient resource utilization for physical and social infrastructure development.

LGM 708. Human Capital Development and Mobilization

Theories, concepts and techniques of human resource improvement and capacitation. Development of skills needed by LGUs and integration of individual and institutional values and interests for the motivation and organization of personnel to attain development goals of LGUs. Principles of leadership development.

LGM 797. Apprenticeship

Field practice/work in a local government unit for actual experience in the various phases of local governance. Preparation, presentation of experiences in local government management and submission of apprenticeship report.

LGM 798. Special Problem in Local Government Management

In-depth study/analysis of an important problem, concern or issue in local government management of current relevance. Writing and finalization of report on the problem or issue.

LGM 799. Seminar

Presentation of report on a special problem or issue in local government management before the faculty and students.


Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for the DLGM are as follows:

•  Sixty (60) units in college and at least 4 years of work experience in a local government unit.
•  Proof of experience in a local government unit issued by the Department of the Interior and Local Government or LHU chief executive.
•  Passing an interview to be conducted by the Open University.
•  Computer literate particularly in the use of internet.
•  Submission of:

•  Original or authenticated transcript of records.
•  Two letters of recommendation from former professors or from past and/or present supervisors.
•  Three 2x2 recent color pictures.

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