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Home >> Degree Programs >> Master in Local Government Management

Program Description

       The Master of Local Government degree program aim to develop highly trained graduates equipped with the relevant theoretical and practical competencies and skills in local governance.

      The main thrust of the Master of Local Government Management (MLGM) program is to strengthen competencies and skills of incumbent LGU and to develop potential leaders intending to serve in the local government units (LGUs), in order to be effective, efficient and productive managers of the human, physical and natural resources of their respective localities. This course covers legislative processes, development planning and resource mobilization.

Program Structure

The MLGM is a degree offering of the CLSU Open University and will be coordinated by the Department of Rural Development and Development Communication. These programs will be offered in collaboration with the Departments of Social Sciences (College of Arts and Sciences), Agribusiness Management (College of Agriculture), Accountancy (College of Business Administration and Accountancy), and Environmental Management Institute.

In the MLGM, the subjects are categorized into core, major and elective courses. The final requirement of the MLGM is a case study to be presented to an advisory committee.

Core Courses Course Title
LGM 701 Introduction to Local Government Management*
LGM 702 Methods of Research
LGM 703 Project Development and Management
LGM 704 Theories and Strategies of Social Change
Major Courses (21 units can be taken from the following courses)
LGM 705 Local Legislative Processes
LGM 706 Local Economic Development
LGM 707 Resource Generation and Utilization
LGM 708 Advocacy and Social Marketing
LGM 709 Public Fiscal Management
LGM 710 Human Capital Development and Mobilization
LGM 711 Local Institutions and Justice Systems
LGM 712 Public accountability
LGM 713 Social Services Delivery
LGM 714 Gender Equality Mainstreaming
EM 706 Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
EM 713 Environmental Planning and Land-Use
LGM 798 Seminar **
LGM 799 Case Study in Local Government Management
Elective/Cognate Courses (6 / 7 units can be taken from the above major courses)
Elective 1 Farming Systems
Elective 2 Methods of Research

Admission Requirements

  1. Bachelors degree or its equivalent from a recognized educational institution
  2. Passing an interview to conducted by the Open University.
  3. Computer literate particularly internet and website surfing
  4. Submission of:
    • Original or authenticated school Transcript of Records
    • Proof of experience in a LGU issued by the Department of Interior and Local Government or the LGU chief executive
    • Two letters of recommendation from former professors or from past and/or present supervisors


  • Prospective enrollees should pass the admission requirements and complete the degree program in 5 years in MLGM.
  • Activities / exercises contained in the modules can be submitted to the tutor(s) personally or through the OU website.
  • The final report of case study analysis or apprenticeship should be presented before a panel composed of OU tutor/professors.
  • The degree programs adopt the existing CLSU numerical grading system with 2.0 as the minimum grade credited to the courses.
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