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Home >> Degree Programs >> Master in Agribusiness Management

Program Description

      The Master in Agribusiness Management Program aims to train project managers and entrepreneurs who will manage government programs as well as private enterprises. The program will inculcate among students the role and importance of Agribusiness enterprises and rural development projects in sustaining economic growth.

      The main thrust of the program is to enhance the acquisition of skills in the fields of production, marketing, finance, personnel and organizational management. Students will likewise acquire the expertise in actual development and management of agribusiness projects.

Program Structure

Core Courses Course Title Units
AB 705 Quantitative Methods in Business 3
AB 710 Agribusiness Management 3
AB 715 Agribusiness Laws and Policies 3
AB 720 Project Planning and Management 3
Major Courses
AB 730 Production and Operation Management 3
AB 740 Financial Management Accounting and Control 3
AB 750 Agribusiness Cooperatives and Entrepreneurship Development 3
AB 760 Personnel Management and Industrial Relations 3
AB 770 Advanced Marketing Management 3
EC 735 Economic Theories and Practices 4
AB 780 Special Problem in Agribusiness 1
AB 799 Seminar 1
AB 800 Case Study 4
Elective/Cognate Courses
RD 782 Farming Systems 3
ED 702 Methods of Research 3
EC 780 Marketing and Development 3
EC 730 Production Economics 3
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