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Home >> Degree Programs >>Ph. D. in Development Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Development Education


Program Description

       The Ph.D. in Development Education aims to produce highly skilled manpower who can undertake scholarly work, conduct prioritized educational research and provide leadership in institution building, value training, and management of educational institution and related endeavors.

      The program also aims to inculcate in its candidates the social consciousness and a sense of responsibility and commitment to the national/regional goal of human capital formulation and growth, so that even far-flung communities and remotest rural households are reached.

      The main thrust of the Ph.D. program in Development Education is the development of productive educational leadership that will promote national identity, cultural consciousness, moral integrity and spiritual vigor and advanced knowledge for improving the quality of human life. The graduates responding effectively to changing needs and condition are able to act and inspire others to participate actively in value and institution building and therefore serve as catalysts for an improved educational system. The dictum is relevance through research and authentic educational service through other scholarly endeavors.

      The Ph.D. program in Development Education has been developed to assist each individual in the peculiar ecology of human society; attain his potential as a human being, enhance the range and quality of individual and group participation in the basic functions of society, and acquire the essential educational foundations for helping train and develop students into productive and versatile citizens; complementation of graduate programs in the high level profession that will provide leadership through research, and apply new science and technology for improving the quality of human life.

Program Structure

Core Courses Course Title Units
ED 891 Statistics II (Advanced Statistical Analysis) 3
ED 810 Socio-Cultural Foundations of Education 3
ED 811 Education and National Development 3
ED 812 Philosophy of Education 3
Major Courses
ED 813 Sociology of Education 3
ED 814 Economics of Education 3
ED 815 Comparative Education 3
ED 816 Educational Anthropology 3
ED 817 Politics of Education 3
ED 820 Advanced Educational Psychology 3
ED 821 Instructional Materials Development 3
ED 822 Student and Personnel Services 3
ED 870 Educational Planning and Management 3
ED 872 Curriculum Development and Supervision on Instruction 3
ED 873 Science and Technology of Education 3
ED 898 Special Problem 3
ED 899 Seminar 3
ED 900 Dissertation 12
Elective/Cognate Courses
ED 818 Nationalism and Development 3
ED 850 Educational Finance 3
ED 852 Institution Building 3
ED 710 Educational Theories & Strategies 3
ED 720 Psychology of Learning 3
Required Non-Credit Course
AE 713 Basic Computer Applications 3
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