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Home >> Degree Programs >> MS/MPS in Rural Development >> RD 708

Rural Government


Course Description

Study of local government in relation to economic and social development of rural areas. Includes organization, management and finance of local rural government in selected low and high- income communities; relationship between levels of government and alternatives to local autonomy.

Course Category : Major Course

Credit Units : 3 Credit Units

Duration : 1 Semester

Prerequisites : None

Contact Hours : To be arranged

Teaching Method : Online or Distance Mode

Assessment : Assignments, Exercises and Exams


  • Local Government Concepts and Basic Policies Underlying the Local Government Code
  • The Creation of Local Government Units
  • General Powers and Attributes of Local Government Units
  • Local Government Units: Their Nature and Role; Offices and Officials; and Powers and Duties
  • Elective Local Government Officials
  • Local Government Legislation
  • Local Financial Resources
  • Local Government and Rural Development

Reading Materials : To be advised

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